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We grasp that you may encounter some trouble while you access the Cash App. Thusly, to give you the best understanding, we're here to get you out 24×7. That infers, paying little heed to what issue you're facing, partner with our Cash App maintain gathering, and we will assist you with the best courses of action and rules that can help you with sorting out the trouble that you're confront.

How to get money off cash app card

After the Cash App has launched the Cash Card (which is a debit card that works as equal to a standard debit card), the users are very much satisfied with the seamless withdrawal experience. As the Cash App Card works at any ATM, not only this much, you can use Cash Card at any place that accepts Visa Cards.

If you've not received your Cash Card, you can request that from the Cash App itself. Just open the Cash App, on the bottom of the screen, click on the Cash Card button and then hit "GET FREE CASH CARD." After that, process with the normal details.

Once you receive your Cash Card, you can use it on any ATM.

So are there any fees for the transactions?

Well, yes. Cash App charges $2 for withdrawing the money from any ATM. Apart from this, the ATM may also charge a standard service fee. But the good news is, if your Cash Card receives more than $50 in a month, the Cash App will reimburse the transaction fee too.

And if you're looking about the Cash App withdrawal limit, then here it is:

You can use Cash Card to withdraw $310 per transaction. And for a time period of 24 hours or 7 days, you can withdraw only $1000. But why Cash App offers this limit? The Cash App has imposed this limit for security reasons, as if the card is lost and you've not reported it to Cash App Customer Service or not deactivated that, then the person who has the card may misuse it. So to avoid these situations, there is a limit.

Now the question comes:

How to get money off cash app card?

For that, you just need to visit a place that accepts Visa cards or any ATM. Just swipe your Cash Card and enter your Cash PIN, verify the amount and withdraw it in seconds.

The process is simple and easy, but if you're having any issues while withdrawing the money, you can connect with Cash App Customer Support through Emails, Live-Chat, and Toll-Free Numbers.

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